Last minute sanity check for 65111 / 75100 build

Hi all,

I’m just about to pull the trigger on a Flipsky 65111 / 75100 and remote and just wanted a check to make sure I am not missing anything / doing something dumb.

My intended purpose is an e-foil / assist, I want to use it as an assist for SUP downwinding and also to allow my friends who don’t foil surf to try efoiling in small unbroken waves, so I am aiming for short hops 10-30 secs, not continuous running.

I am ~95kgs and I will be fitting to a 105L axis wing foiling board with a Go Foil NL 220 main foil (or similar Naish wing and mast). I am the heaviest rider that will be using it.

The batteries I am intending to use are 12S LiPo’s (I already have these lying around and I’m not worried about the efficiency drop over Li-Ion)

I am looking at the 65111, I have seen comments that it’s heavier than the Foil Drive Assist, but I’m not so concerned about the weight. I have also had the 63100 recommended but don’t want to go down the route of epoxy coating a motor myself on the first go, maybe if the first build goes well I will look at the 63100 next.

As for the ESC, I am hoping to get away with the 75100 with the Alu case (no watercooling) I plan on attaching it to an Alu bar to act as an additional heat sink inside a waterproof enclosure which will house the ESC and batteries in a single enclosure.

As for the prop I have yet to decide, but I was thinking I would build one myself as I have access to a Form 1 resin printer and a CNC mill if I want to try alu. Any pointers toward a suitable STL for the prop would be much appreciated.

Would the 65111 / 75100 (alu case w/o watercooling) be the right option?

Did you go through with this build? I am looking at doing something very similar for my first project.