Laying carbon fiber over fiberglass with 3D printer PLA core

Hello everyone

My 3D printer surfboard core is ready but I want to used that as a mold so I am planning to laying fiberglass over 3D printer structure and use the fiber glass and 3D printed structure as a mold to make carbon fiber surfboard.

Do you have any suggestions on this , also I don’t have the vacuumed bag so is it ok if I used the brush technique to layout the carbon fiber over the mold of fiberglass and 3D printed structure.

I am attaching the picture of 3D printer surfboard and going to lay fiberglass next week so I can used the whole structure as a mold for carbon fiber.

Please share your suggestion as I am working on fiberglass and carbon fiber first time

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My dad and I have been looking into this too (not as big as your project)

Have a look here how it can be done.

I’d seriously reconsider those corners. Remember that you will be falling on this and sometimes at high speed.

Everyone is worried about the foil but probably more injuries come from the board. Imagine falling with your thigh or shin across that rail in a “taco” fall.

Sorry to be a downer but there’s a reason us surfers avoid hard edges except on the bottom rails.

It’s a great idea, by the way. But I’d bet you could just glass over this and cut out the areas for your compartment. The only benefit of a mold is reuse and it’s doubtful you’d want to duplicate this board as if you make another you’ll surely modify the design. (Rounded edges on top!) Every board we make gets better.

Also, without some internal structure you’ll need a lot of layers of carbon to make this durable enough to use. (anyone else care to comment on that?) Foam provides a bit of support so you can use a 1-2 mm skin to just prevent denting instead of having to support weight.

Carbon isn’t really necessary if you’re laminating over a core and if you don’t have a bag it’ll likely be heavier than glass due to using more resin trying to get it all wet out.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will really consider your suggestion on rounding the corners.

Also I am planning to use the 3 Layer of the carbon layer on the top and bottom. Do you think 3 layer of carbon fiber will be enough without any internal structure in real operating condition to work

I don’t think you want to have to use that much Carbon.

Here are some tests I did while laying up other projects.

The first is 10 layers of 6oz carbon. You can see that it’s 2mm. While it’s very stiff I think you’d need 40-50 layers to get an unsupported plate stiff enough to stand on over a 26-29" board width. I just bought a 10mm carbon rod and that would deflect quite a bit over that distance. (I could bend it a cm with my hands at 1 m long.)

The second shot is 2 layers of carbon but hand laid up so it’s less compressed.

I highly recommend that anyone building a board get a small kit of supplies and test some construction methods. I built small handplanes for body surfing (basically small surfboards) to learn things without messing up too much material while learning.

$30 worth of carbon and resin will teach you a lot.

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Soric maybe

Good call, yes, a sandwich might make it possible.

So I am kinda new here, so I don’t want to re-invent the wheel with my posts, but I just wanted to give a big thanks to those early adopters and researchers that got me where I am for my winter project this year! I especially want to thank Toto44, as he/she provided the waterjet plans for last year’s project. God bless you all in this forum! A lot of us out here have completely unrelated careers (I’m a nurse), and love your input to help us along the way. Thanks again everyone!

How heavy was the 3d printed structure for the board core, and how much infill does it have?

Ended up being 4lb 14oz (2.2kg) when all finished and is 1600cm2. I know that is a bit heavy, but as a sailor I just think of it as a heavy keel :slight_smile: . My build is still in the middle so I still am building the 14s12p battery (bought all components including Kweld). I am about 95kg so I am hoping this big wing and a 14s12p will get me flying with my 65161 - 120kv. I am pretty comfortable with everything on this forum except, I am still working on a better ESC, I have a water cooled Flier 16S 300A ESC that I used with my electric surfborad project last year but my other 300A Flier ESC (sitting about 3 inches (75mm) away) caught on fire, so I don’t have a lot of confidence in this lightly used old one.
Anyway, sticking with the topic I am replying under. I feel very confident that this homemade wing will be adequate to test the waters, and help me decide how much money to keep pumping into this project. Thanks again everyone.