Layups for wing boards (and prone and sup foiling too, I guess)

Starting a new board. What are those of you who are building using for layups?

My first boards were 2X 6oz E Glass as per @charlieuk and they are great. I used 3X 6 oz carbon over the boxes. But I’m wondering if I should do a carbon board for my next one just for fun and to see how it compares.

If I did, could I use one layer of 6oz carbon alone? Should I add innegra under or maybe a 40z (2oz?) glass layer over for sanding?

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Test panel of a guy whacking panels of carbon and integrated with a hammer.

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Thx man, Dwight at FoilSurfMachines has done some crazy testing.

I’m 99% sure I’m just going to stay with 2X 6oz glass since the weight was fine (15lbs all done.) Stiffness isn’t an issue when a board is 4 in+ thick, and impact resistance is better than carbon (without Innegra.) But I’m considering maybe only one layer with patches for foot area and my carbon reinforcements on the bottom to go even lighter with this smaller board. Also, less whacking the rails if it’s wing-only.

I’d like to try bagging so I could do Innegra but I’d have to get a better/bigger pump and I’m trying to have less tools right now lol. (Not doing well with that.)

Really curious to hear if anyone’s doing single layer carbon or carbon with glass over it?

I find that single layer is problematic since every disturbance of the fibers turn into a weak spot or a visual blemish (if you don’t go to heavier cloth that is)

Lars, I can 100% see that.

I’m now going to try to do a bag with single layer 6oz carbon and 1, 4oz glass over that. I’m only doing that since I’m doing a board for a friend after this and want to learn on my own board so theirs is better.

After that I want to make a prone board that’s a “new hip shape” with dual e glass just to prove to guys that full carbon is pointless on a 3.5" thick board. You can get all the benefit of carbon with just patches on deck and boxes. (Maybe a carbon tape stringer?) Glass will be more ding resistant and I’m betting the stiffness (just like on a SUP) won’t be different. We will see. But it’s bullsh%t that a 4’4" board that requires no delicate shaping to speak of costs anything near a thousand dollars. Exotic materials & construction don’t help that and don’t make the shaper/builder any more money either.

I’m all for people making a fair living and profiting from their innovation and research. But if foiling is going to grow we have to get rid of the issue that only middle-aged men with excellent careers can afford to do it.

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