Leash Length for Prone - what say you?

Hey guys – curious how long of leashes people are using with their foil boards? On one hand a longer leash keeps you further from your gear when things go wrong… on the other hand it gives more opportunity to get tangled up.

What’s everyone using? I struggle even with a 6ft leash getting caught on a wingtip when I’m waiting for a wave. Also are people using thick/beefy leashes?

I just use the same leash I use on all my surfboards. Short boards. So 5 1/2 or 6 feet. I try not to use A comp leash that super thin.

Kaohi leash has been a big topic on the WhatsApp chats lately. All the SoCal guys are digging them.


They have a handle too so.you don’t cut your hand or lose a finger

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$43 for shipping a $33 leash? Something doesn’t add up here.

Thank you Cowboy. Appreciate the LAFC support.
@kaohileash in case you are interested in seeing us in action.

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Talk about customer service! Roy from Kaohi called me on the phone to explain the glitch in the Shopify shipping cost. He then offered to throw in a rail saver in addition to the leash handle. Actual shipping cost across the US was only $5.68. It’s amazing to me that he would bother to reach out to a single customer wanting to buy a single leash. I support companies like this, thank you Roy!

Edited to say I got a shipping notification within 1/2 hour of placing the order.

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Thank you for giving us another shot. Sorry about he shipping confusion. So happy to have you on board as a customer. Roy w/Kāohi