Lift battery red LED

I have a few batteries that have been bricked (red LED) due to people unplugging the battery while the board is on. Does anyone know if they can he repaired? I assume it’s just a bms issue and could be reflashed or at the very least could be transplanted from a battery that was left on 0 for too long. Has anyone ever had success cutting one open and fixing either one of those issues?

Have a search in the forum - there is a whole thread on opening up lift batteries. They are glued together so only method is destructive cutting.

Seems crazy that the battery can brick its self so easily - have you spoken to Lift to see if there is a work around?

They just send new batteries. I have had this problem once and I tell everyone I sell efoils to to not make the same mistake but so far 2 people didn’t listen. I was thinking these would be perfect to experiment with since I also have a battery that I never opened till I learned that you cant leave your batteries around for too long uncharged and when I opened the box it was too late. So if I could transplant the BMS from the dead one into the corrupted one maybe it could be fixed. Or flash the bms around somehow.

What is the cause of the batteries bricking.

Not sure but you said it’s a brand new battery that’s red? Like not even used? I’ve only seen red when someone unplugged it while the board was still on which should give an e029 on the charger.

I do have another battery that is red but the charger shows the lightning bolt so I wonder if something else caused it however that was a fully functional battery up until the day it turned red

One clue is you can hear a click from the battery when turned on and off so maybe when you unplug it the switch never flips back

Red batteries mean one or more of the rows of cells have dropped past critical voltage (under 2V). The BMS will then completely shut the battery down to prevent further damage. It seem that the BMS will remain in this state even of the cells are replaced.