Lift BMS circuit board repair?

Anyone know of someone that could repair Lift battery BMS circuit board? I have a good battery but I believe the circuit board is bad. I have 2 circuit boards and I can’t get either of them to work. They both are out of the battery

The only people that might be able to repair are the BMS manufacturers (stafl). No one knows whether it’s a fuse or memory on the chip that locks the BMS out.
I have about 4-5 bad BMS boards. I took a bad battery, replaced cells and then put a good BMS on and it worked, so something on the BMS locks out.

What would be interesting is to see what the lift ecosystem would do if you just switched the battery on without a BMS…

What happens when you take a bad battery, replace cells to get a good battery, put a bad BMS on ?

I have a good battery and 3 BMS that are locked and can get them to work

It reports a dead battery.

But I’d love to know what would happen if you put another BMS on, used another signal to activate the relay and just powered up the lift logic board fully. Would it complain or just work… The biggest issue is it’s an expensive experiment because you can’t get the logic boards separately.

The lift e box or what ever they call it has a 9v battery in it, so that must send a signal/ command to the bms to turn it on.

Once it’s on, it must continue to send a signal otherwise the battery wouldn’t know when to turn off.

I wonder if the ebox gets data back from the BMS to say I’m still good to go, or if it just looks at over all pack voltage and goes from there.

If it’s that the case then any power source should work.

Someone that’s inclined could sniff the data port. Could prob make a decent business out of bringing them back to life.

The issue is no one in their right mind would warranty the repair. I looked at it, but parts of the ecosystem are so badly designed that it’s just not meant to be repaired. There’s a good reason they straight out replace the entire battery…

Battery manufacturers should design the systems so that series cells can be replaced in a modular format leading to way less waste! I’ve actually started building my packs like this meaning I can run anything from a 6S to 14S pack depending on my needs.

I would rip out everything but the cells and use a ANT BMS for balancing and discharge.

Put a Hall effect switch on to turn on the BMS like the Fliteboard and call it a day.

So thats what I’m planning with one setup and then to just run it through a vesc. I also find the lift remote trigger uncomfortable…