Lift board battery case - any clones? competitors? etc

I have a 5’5’ Lift board but that’s it. I would love to have one of their battery cases as well, but with my own cells. Anybody know of any cases that would fit inside the board. The max height is 3.25" and the width/length is around 14x17". I’m having trouble finding any case that has such a low height.

Alternatively I’ll just build a case, but looking for the quick and easy option if possible!

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Try this one.
Cheap and IP67. I use it for my build. It spent a full night at 80cm deep in a pool, no leak. Cables are waterproofed with good cable glands.

you can get same case here for even less:

I have 6 pieces and they were waterproof for that small amount I tested them
Height is 86mm, but I believe you can trim few mm of those unnecessary ridges on top and bottom.

You have the Mantafoils solution
PROS: similar professional look
CONS: 95mm high and 82.5mm for you
C1 only up to 14s12p (not the LIFT 14s14p)
C2 it is 8x more expensive than the above box.
C3 connector issue as LIFT uses custom ones

@SoEFoil I’ve seen the @Mantafoils box but yeah, it’s too tall by about 10mm. And the capacity is not quite as big as I’d like.

@tinp123 @Thom Yep! I have a couple of those boxes already. Was going to just make some 12S or 13S smaller packs and run in parallel maybe. But most likely I’ll emulate @Flightjunkie and build a custom enclosure specifically for the Lift board.

I was just hoping ONE company in the world would make a box within those measurements! Nope!

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Contact the manufacturer of the lift battery and see if they’ll s ell you just the case. Lithos energy I think. They may even be able to tell you which connectors are used.

They’ve got an agreement with Lift so they won’t make the case for anybody else but them.

Get a serial number for an existing one, call them tell them you cracked the case and just need a new case :rofl:

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This one would work well and can do 14S if you want to…

I’m building my second battery. And ordering cells to build a 3rd. My case is working flawlessly. Check out my balance lead fuse wire solution! :rofl::blush::beers:


My balance leads weren’t fused in my first battery and I had a balance plug short out on me. I was lucky to have it happen right in front of me. So, please guys…learn from my mistake and fuse the balance wires. Fuse everything! And only charge your battery in a fireproof enclosure!!!



which amp automotive fuse did you use for the balance wires?


It’s a 5 amp mini fuse. My charger does 2a max balancing. So, I figured 5amp was a good margin for my setup.


Nice 14s6p case but the slimmest of all: 68mm of interior height.
What is the total length of a 18650 Samsung 30Q cell spot welded on both sides ? 65mm + ?

The metal strips are normally around 0.15mm thick so the total would be between 0.3-0.4 mm.
I would bet that the case is most likely 2mm thick so would most likely measure in at ±69mm in reality.

Dude - you have your battery on a gas grill - of course it’s gonna get a little hot :wink:

Seriously, nice reminder that you always have to handle those batteries with care!

Could you do a step-by-step video of your battery pack with fuses etc ?

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So the generic case list above seems to be sold under many different brands and it works pretty good with 2. Wish I could get just one but two will be fine.

Really wide compartment !
Did you test the waterproofness of the hatch ? Does this Seal works ?
I tried it and it failed.

Hi Tyler, can I ask you where did you buy battery connector?

I flooded the compartment on purpose as I always do during my water testing to test the boxes stayed dry. They did. I won’t have a hatch test until it’s in the water, but I always assume it’ll fail. Unfortunately my ESC box got water in it, so I’ve got to figure out what is happening there. I think it’s the trolling motor plug so I need to make some changes to that maybe. I have a few ESC boxes as backup!