Lift Efoil 4’4 Pro Used for sale, how much?

Hi all!
I have a friend who owns two lift e foils and he is considering selling one of them, it is a 4’4 pro model, with two batteries, 1 charger, remote, bags and cases. Everything is 100% original and working good!
He bought it one year ago and now he just wants to sell it, his wife was not so interested in foiling.

What do you guys consider a good 2nd hand market price for this pack? It is in Europe.
Thank you!

Last year in March slightly used Lift boards went for 11k+ In Germany. Difficult to predict how that will develop with a) the guys who have seen the price with the Christmas discount b) the new gear that will drop this year. c) the introduction of lower price point boards. I still believe it will be around the 10k point, but who knows. Also depends a bit if there is still something left from the 2yr guarantee if bought in EU or imported from US.
Add in the extra battery of course. Here value depends totally on the number of charge cycles it has seen…

Uh and I have my brand new 4’4 on the way. If it weren’t for that I would be totally interested…

He should consider a divorce :sweat_smile: