Lift Efoil battery failed - is it of use for anyone?

Hello folks
My Lift Efoil battery shows blinking red leds and technical support recommends buying a new one .
If this battery is of interest to someone in this community please contact me

Where abouts are you based? I’m sure someone will be interested in pulling it apart.

I am in Geneva/ Switzerland

Hey, I am interested in trying your BMS in another failed Lift battery I have, see what happens. I am in Annecy. Let me know if you still have it! Cheers, Theo

Blinking red means BMS will also be dead…

Salut Théo, oui la batterie est toujours dispo si ça t’intéresse

well, yes but you can look at “opening commercial batteries” thread, I’ve been working on logging the CAN coms for Lift and I may be able to talk to it at some point. The more data points I have the better.m

Hello Theo, yes the battery and connecting cables to the power supply and to the controller are still available, you can reach me on my mobile for more info and shipping possibilities 0041763995955

Hello Theo, are you still interested in the battery?