Lift efoil battery valve reinstallation

Had two efoils stolen along with two batteries, thankfully got everything back today!!!

thankfully nothing too bad was done to them except they did remove the valve on one of the batteries and it is missing among tons of random screws from random places

I have warrantied batteries which I took apart so I can take a valve off one of those but will it go back on and be airtight? could I just put some epoxy on it? Any tips are appreciated.

Sounds like a crazy story. Does the valve screw in?

On your damaged battery with the valve still installed you will probably be able to see how it is attached. Maybe a nut on the inside meaning the whole battery will need to be opened.

Thankfully i already have! If i carefully push it through i think it could work. Ill just put some epoxy just to be safe.

Boy is it a crazy story