Lift Efoil Europe - where to buy?

I messaged Lift in the US to ask where I could buy a Lift Efoil in Europe with their Xmas discount and all I got was a price quote buying from the US. There dealer location search gives no results (for me).

Whereas I have no problem buying directly from Manufacturer in the US, I am seriously concerned about
a) warranty - US warranty is only 1 year whereas EU warranty seems to be two years
b) cost of return to Lift US (from Europe) if any gear fails - which would be awfully expensive if I had to pay
Shipping to my location is not that expensive but returning stuff from here is 2 or 3 times the cost (Amazon orders which I need to advance the return postage).

Does anyone know a reliable importer or distributor in the EU - who is prepared to offer a good price - and can ship within Europe?

If not, I’ll have to settle for the French brand since they have a local distributor.

PS I am looking for a reliable board that fails as little as possible. Any honest feedback on Lift or Takuma Carver of real users having had problems would equally be appreciated.