Lift Efoil Europe - where to buy?

I messaged Lift in the US to ask where I could buy a Lift Efoil in Europe with their Xmas discount and all I got was a price quote buying from the US. There dealer location search gives no results (for me).

Whereas I have no problem buying directly from Manufacturer in the US, I am seriously concerned about
a) warranty - US warranty is only 1 year whereas EU warranty seems to be two years
b) cost of return to Lift US (from Europe) if any gear fails - which would be awfully expensive if I had to pay
Shipping to my location is not that expensive but returning stuff from here is 2 or 3 times the cost (Amazon orders which I need to advance the return postage).

Does anyone know a reliable importer or distributor in the EU - who is prepared to offer a good price - and can ship within Europe?

If not, I’ll have to settle for the French brand since they have a local distributor.

PS I am looking for a reliable board that fails as little as possible. Any honest feedback on Lift or Takuma Carver of real users having had problems would equally be appreciated.


Well with takuma you won´t be happy, you can find quite a lot reports of broken boards, non waterproof remotes and ESC`s. Just ask some users, most have already their 3rd remote…
Maybe Check out the new Volt efoil from Mantafoils… Looks like good engineered with LiftFoil Motor… And it is inflatable… what makes it unique;-)

Surprised Ibiza Foils isn’t listed on Lift’s website - it appears they are a dealer in Ibiza / Mallorca (and Dubai): Experience the ultimate ride, rent or buy an electric foil • Ibiza Foils

I’ve ordered one in November from LIFT3 FOILS VENDITA E ASSISTENZA - TOYS - not received yet, but due in a couple of days. If anyone’s interested, I’ll let you know how it goes and how reliable this reseller is.

The board arrived yesterday in time and was assembled today for a test if everything’s working. It perfectly worked on the first attempt. I must say that I was really impressed with the professional packaging of the Lift efoil. Having seen unpacking videos of other brands this was a pleasant surprise.

To sum it up, I can recommend Windproduction as a reseller from Italy. I am not affiliated with them except being a happy first-time customer. They have been very responsive about all my questions and the price was competitive - they mirrored the Lift December promotion - so I got it for the same amount as I would have paid when ordering from Puerto Rico directly.

Hello :slight_smile:

Did you also consider to buy a Fliteboard?

Best wishes