Lift efoil remote trigger spring snappped - How to repair?

Lift efoil trigger spring snapped.

How do I repair?

The pin appears to be a one way affair

Do I drill the back side and push with thin punch or jewler’s screwdriver to remove the pin or some other method?

Did you reach out to Lift yet? They might warranty it

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Marked back with caliper tip scratches using measurements from the side with the exposed pin, then drilled with a similar-sized hole 7/64", then punched… Now I need to find a similar torsion spring locally.

Jerry Tirado at Lift reports that he will send a replacement remote my way gratis (Lift-Thank You!!!) and I want to see if I can get the board ready and water-worthy again today.

On a weekend I could not find a stainless torsion spring.

I was able to locally source a long non-stainless tension spring with hooks on both ends that seemed workable.

I was able to modify (stretch, bend and cut) a tension-spring and turn it into a torsion-spring to get my remote operational for the sort term this weekend or at least until it rusts.

Turns out in addition to the diameter and wire gauge, the direction of the winding matters for the trigger’s interface with the spring so I chose the top one in the first image.

The final product is shown beside the broken spring in the 3rd photo.

Wow! Very very handy of you. Nicely done. MIne just broke yesterday. Did you ever get a proper spring from Lift to fix it?