Lift Foils eFoil Fly before you buy centre, Berlin - Germany

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I read through the entry: eFoil Rentals in Tampa, FL and saw the comments about high prices for “rental”.

I am not sure about all the other locations, but we also run a “fly before you buy centre” in Berlin and it is NOT supposed to be an “eFoil rental” station. It is designed for people to try the board before they spend 15,000 EUR to buy one.

Our prices are currently at 238 EUR incl. VAT and might even go higher depending on the demand. 2 comments about the price:

  1. For us it will be 3 hours to drive to the location setup 2 eFoils (or 1 eFoil and a boat or jetboard) do a 90 minutes training on setup, maintenance, riding etc. and put things together again.

  2. We do not want to attract people who just want to ride an eFoil. The price is high on purpose to only attract people who are seriously interested to buy an eFoil. Once they buy a board we will deduct 100% of the price for the training.

More information at:

I hope this makes sense. If you are based in Europe and are considering to by an Lift Foils eFoil, please reach out to us. Berlin is a lovely city for a weekend trip.


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Some nice summer shots from the city of Berlin:

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is it if you do buy you the cost of the “trial” comes off the purchase price?

Sorry my reply is late, but yes, you are correct. It will be deducted from the purchase price.