Lift foils yet delivered?

Does anyone no if any liftfoil e-foil was yet delivered to a customer?

I have one on order. Nick is saying March for beginning of bulk delivery. Just got an update email, doesn’t have the date, but it’s coming soon. Here’s what was just sent to me:

I’d like to start this update by thanking all of you who have shared your thoughts and prayers for Puerto Rico in the past several months. Your compassion has meant a great deal to me and the entire team at Lift Foils.

I’m sending this email from satellite internet here in Aguadilla, where things are still normalizing after Hurricane Maria ran us over back in September. Several customers have inquired about the schedule impact these events have caused for the Lift eFoil, so I wanted to take this opportunity to provide a thorough update before the holidays.

The bad news: yes, the storms did slow things down a bit during a critical time in our product development. I’m definitely unhappy that you guys aren’t going to have our eFoil in your hands this holiday season as we’d hoped…

Thankfully, there’s plenty of good news! Due to high demand for the eFoil, we were able to justify some last minute engineering decisions that will make the product even more robust and reliable. In the past few months, the engineering team was able to work through the final challenges around water sealing, component assembly, and optimization of the hand controller’s ergonomics and e-ink display. I’m proud to say the team absolutely crushed it and I’m confident you guys will be extremely excited to ride a product that we couldn’t be more proud of.

Now that the design is locked, we are working on the final pieces of the puzzle - specifically jumping through the regulatory hoops required when shipping large 2kWh batteries around the world at scale. All told, this will push us past our targeted ship date; but you’ll be riding by the time the water warms up!.

Lastly, the most important thing to me is that we ship a best-in-class product that lives up to the same exacting standards we’ve had for our carbon foils over the past 10 years. So while the product will ship a few months late, your experience with the eFoil is our number one priority. More updates and beautiful footage of the final product to come very soon. My target date for the next email update with more info is the end of January.

Thanks for your patience. I’ve included some pics from creation and testing below.

Nick Leason
Co Founder & Head Engineer

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THanks for sharing the update. Care to share the pics he sent? Any good intel?



This is what they sent!


Did you take delivery yet?

Have you received the Lift foil board yet? I am seriously considering purchase and would much appreciate feedback from a satisfied customer. Thanks!

I just heard they have issues with water in the electronic compartement?. Maybe someone that has one already can reply on that? Personally I think the most fragile point is the watercooling if you don`t spill it after each flight!

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