Lift / FR motor water tightness

Had a look at a Lift motor that took water in last week. The shaft seal on the motor is a radial seal, one lip. It is not a classic seal, David told me it is custom made. I have seen some Parker seal similar to this. They were made from PTFE filled with graphite with the o-ring. If I remember correctly they are made for high shaft speed application to prevent wear on shaft. The o-ring prevent the seal to rotate in the bore.

On the Lift there is also the exact same seal fitted in the prop guard and an o’ring between the matting surface of the motor and prop guard.

If you remove the prop guard you will increase drasticly the chance of water intrusion. The tail cone Lift sell has the same seal. Any custom designed tail cone should integrate a radial seal otherwise you only rely on a single lip seal to do the job.

Managed to save this motor before it was too late, lucky…

What was the reason this lift motor had been leakin letting in water? Are the single lip seals inadequate, or had the prop guard been removed?

I’d like to improve the waterproofness of my 65161.

The O-ring sealing the front cap was worn.

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Any chance of a photo of where the o-ring sits? It didn’t look like there is a lip/recess for an o-ring on the propellor guard.

this is a lip seal

Thanks, I was also wondering about an o-ring that you mentioned…

“an o’ring between the matting surface of the motor and prop guard”

The o ring is on the motor

I found a picture of the o-ring.