Lift mast with a different company wing?!

Hi everyone. I ride a 5’1 freedom board which I love and also have a Lift 28 inch mast which I like. I’m looking to buy a new wing for the board and want something different other than Lift; just to try. The wing I currently have slots into the mast nicely because it’s Lift on Lift. My question would be, do I need a new mast for different company wings, and can I even add different wings for my Lift foil/ Mast. If not I think the HA200/170 will be my new purchase!

You need a new mast for a new companies wings. Very few masts are interchangeable. The ones I know about are old signature/unifoil wings. Gong/naish/old takuma masts.

The lift gear is very good. Many people say the ha170 has the best glide of any wing. The talk of their new wings coming out next year also sounds real good. What are you on now and what would you like to improve?

I’m riding a lift 200 surf. I find it quite jittery when pumping, in the sense that I don’t get much glide and I don’t have much control. Maybe I should go for the HA170.

What do you weigh and how long have you been foiling?

Can you connect 2-1’s on your current setup?

I have the 250 wing as well. I like it and I have a 50 and 40 stabilizer. The smaller stabilizer is good for sharp turns.

It is easy to adapt a LIFT slotted plane to a cheap aluminium mast: providing you have the right adapter, eg LIFT plane to Slingshot or Liquid Force mast , could be Gong/Naish/RRD:

LIFT mast to other brand fuselage ? It will depend if the new fuselage is slotted or plain.
It is more complex (but doable) to adapt a carbon mast like LIFT with a proprietary stub to a fuselage of another brand because you have to transform this mast stub according to the new fuselage slot. See Gong mast to Moses slotted Fuse project here:

Project Cedrus works with tons of different wings. It’s stiffer, stronger, and lighter than any other carbon mast out there, including Lift. Check it out:

This looks awesome, would you be open to any modifications needed for efoiling?

I’ve had a couple customers convert to e-foil by drilling each end of the mast for wire routing. The mast is hollow and it’s super easy. I’m happy to provide design support, drawings, whatever you need. I can’t do the modifications myself, however.