Lift4 Battery Tachnology

So with the release of Lift4, their new batteries are super interesting! Charge times of 30min and 50min for the small and full size batteries are incredibly impressive! I wonder if they are heating the cells in order to charge them fast, or if they have completely changed their battery tech…

I wonder if it’s in the small print that fast charging will reduce the life span and regular charging is mostly advised. I bet the charger has two settings.

For example it’s possible to charge a Molicel P42 @ 8.4 amps (2c) according to this site, that’s a 30 min charge.

Cells won’t like it though.,4.20V%20%2B%2F-0.05V

I wonder which chargers they are using! So far they have used the DeltaQ IC1200 with 25 amps. But even the top model of DeltaQ ICL1500 does a max of 33 amps output current. To achieve those charging times they would need around 50 amps I guess.

no need to heat them, as we are using our stuff mainly in summer times. EV industrie brings good developments to the batteries.
CATL just release that they will have a new type of cell which can be recharged from 20-80% in 5 minutes!
Charging with 2 c is nothing special if the cell can handle it.

They heat up quite a bit when charged this fast and it also shortens the life of the cells.