Lipo batteries from Alibaba. A great alternative? (no advert. just a review)

Hi together,

for my first eFoil buid I am going for huge Lipo batteries. I have searched a lot where to find good batteries with a low budget. I ended up purchasing 4 x 16ah 6s Lipos from Alibaba for approximately 480€ (
This is a quick review.

  • Price 4.8
  • Quality 4.0 (first impression. I’ll edit this once they are in real use)
  • Delivery 3.5
  • Support 4.5

In contrast to all the other batteries I found they had the lowest price.
The delivery to Germany was a bit complicated though. It took longer than expected due to delays at the customs office. But that is something you should be aware of when purchasing dangerous goods from China. So take into account that the delivery can take more than two months.
The batteries arrived with good packaging and no damage. 3 packs were at storage voltage (3,8V), one was a bit less (3.3V). They were not puffed and made a robust impression.

So all in all a great solution for low budget buiders like me.

How is your experience with Lipos from China?
I would like to know if someone has similar/other experience.

For all Germans currently searching for batteries. I have purchased another pack (again 4 x 16000 mah 6s with XT90 connectors) to sell to the community. You can message me if you are interested.

Was sollen die kosten?
Gruss Frank

Hi Frank,
es steht noch nicht fest, aber ca. um die 400€.
Die Batterien sollen voraussichtlich nächste Woche ankommen.

Der Unterschied zum Preis oben kommt daher, dass ich beim zweiten mal keine Einfuhrsteuer, Zoll, etc. zahlen musste.

Those are very competitively priced. I hope to hear more about your experiences with these batteries. Right now I have much pricier packs but want something cheaper when they eventually degrade.

Curious to see your results once you actually use them. Years ago I bought some 30c rated batteries and they puffed big time after the first use at only 5c. Would love it if the newer ones stood up to their specs.

For those that have not used Lipo before… they are cheaper for a reason. They require much more care in a number of ways especially when joined together into large packs. Please read up on safety and remember to only charge them where you would start a VERY large fire!

Giving these batteries grades for anything at this time is useless, what do you know about quality without using them - that they have a nice wrapper? I hope they’re a good find though.

You are right.
I try to test them soon and edit this post.