Lipo Charger Question

Does anyone use this

To charge these


That will work… but only 50W. That battery is like 440WH. So it will take 9hrs at max charge rate.

I use a quattro charger from imax skyrc and the chargers from imax are okay if you get the original.

But I wouldn’t recommend this model to charge the 6s 20Ah Lipo. The charger has a charging power of 80W?. That means the 6s lipo can only be charged with about 3.5A. This results in a charging time of about 5h.

Hi @Savoie. You seem to know some about this. Would recommend to charge a 6S 12.000mAh Lipo at 5,4A? I have a 120W Lipo balance charger.

Hi @guldsteen.
Charging a 6S 12.000mAh Lipo at round about 5A is possible with a 120W charger. The charging time is about 2.5h.

Normally every lipo battery can be charged at least with the simple charge current of its nominal capacity (Specification 1C). With a 12.000mAh battery this would be 12A. Charging would take about 1h.

Thank you very much for your reply! Makes total sense. It Think 2,5h charging is ok for me, Im Happy that there is a good headroom from 5A and up to 12A max.