Lipos in Series - Quick Sanity Check Please


I am about to plug both my 6S lipos into my ESC in ‘Series’ to create a 12S for the first time. Just before I do could someone just confirm that the images below look correct for a series connection. I ordered an XT90 series connector but want to be 100% certain before plugging them in to avoid damage to the ESC and motor

Thanks in advance

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That‘s how I connected mine, works fine, use the same type of batteries and charge them to the same voltage.

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Do you charge each battery separately or can you charge them in series using a balance charger designed for a 6S battery?

Separately, but you could charge them in parallel, with a charging board.

Makes sense, but just wanted to be sure.

I have been using a HOTA D6 charger which will charge two 6S lipos at a time. I bought the DC only version