[Lol] How to save battery time?

Solutions, inspired by our surfoiling friends, exist:
1 - don’t use your battery for take-offs which draw a lot of energy
1.a - use the backwash of a shore wave
1.b - use a pontoon
2 - pump to fly

When/if you can do that with a 30kg board, you can probably sell the efoil :wink:
One can’t do that with a normal propeller, need a low drag one (folding, jet drive (?) )
You need a trained heart to pump efficiently (draws a lot of… energy)
@tamarua_mahina from Tahiti, you rock !

Vid: use a wave backwash and pump:

Vid; use a pontoon and pump:

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That is a big wing !
Pumping on start worked well for me , i was able to fly with 3,4v/cells on my lipo