Long-Shaft Neugart PLE40 Available - Eliminates Coupler!

Just off the phone with Neugart. They say they can customize their PLE 40 gearbox to provide a longer shaft which would eliminate the need for a coupler. The shaft would also be prop-ready, threaded and drilled at the end.

There is a one-time $500 custom order fee for engineering and CAD drawings. Then the gearboxes would cost somewhere under $500 each. Exact price would be determined after they do the engineering and drawings. Delivery time for the first batch would take roughly six weeks. They may also be able to incorporate a motor mount for the SSS series motors. Eliminating the coupler takes away a frequent fail point. And a pre-drilled and threaded gearbox shaft saves a lot of hassle.

I’m definitely interested and would be willing to front the engineering fee. Anyone else?


Wauw, great initiative @sunrise305 ! I still waiting on my regular PLE40 delivery (19 weeks, in by Christmas), but this sounds like a good upgrade. Do you think the price of 500usd for a single unit would go down if we order a larger batch?

Can we still incorporate a thrust bearing? With current setup the coupler is supported by the bearing/bearing holder against the gearbox, right? (I havent actually build this setup yet).

Interested, but the price is a bit steep for me at the moment

Yes good point about the thrust bearing. And the solution to that might be to slide an 8mm coupler along the single shaft to press against the existing thrust bearing. My concern is that adding a thrust bearing to the custom work may make it a far bigger and more expensive project. But I will ask. As for a quantity discount, I already bid it at ten units to start. Not sure we’ll get many more initial takers than that but it will be interesting to see.

So what you’ve asked for is basically the Torqeedo 1003 gearbox at about 3 times the cost…

Thanks! Looking at that now. Do you know what the reduction is and are you up and running with it? And can you tell me the size of the input and output shafts?

Is the Torqueedo 1003 a good option? Why aren’t more people using it?

I was considering using it, I think it should be OK, one or two people of the forum use it. it is built to be used as a thruster and has a built in thrust bearing (or a bearing that can withstand the thrust force). ratio is 7:1 and max rpm is lower than we need as torquedo has a lower max rpm. The only issue I had was sourcing the pinion that is needed to connect the motor, it can only be ordered through a dealer (repair centre), not directly from their web shop.

Reduction is 7:1. The shaft is 12mm but 10mm where the prop gets bolted on.
I am up and running with it. Works well! Less parts needed than with the PLE40.
I am using a 750KV motor with it, but the 500KV should work well too.
I pulled my unit apart a few weeks back to check the wear and everything was still in perfect order.


My guess is because no ones open sourced the designs and the pinion isn’t on the website so some can’t find it. I think its a great option.

I see that they have a pinion with different part number that looks identical though (Motor Gear UL - Torqeedo). I haven’t ordered it yet to see if it is.


you’re right, in the documentation Http://www.torqeedospares.co.uk/download/Spare_parts_list_Travel_503_1003.pdf
it is part 030-00012 Motor gear T1003 which cannot be found in their web shop.

It is stil not clear to me if it is the same pinion although it looks identical, the gear it is sold with locks different: Search results - Torqeedo
from the on for the 1003 GEAR : Gearbox TXX3 - Torqeedo

The set screw is the same size, and the visible teeth count is the same. The best would be for one of us to order and take a chance. If its not the same at least its not a massive cost. A lot less than the PLE40
Yes the main gear is different, but its still most likely a neugart of some sort…

I’m trying to figure out if the articles are identical with their customer support, they check it with their service organisation an get back to me, I’l post the outcome. Could save some money (34 sFr for the part + 27sFr shipping).

I also asked the customer support. Also sent an email to the company where I bought my gear and pinion from.

I’m just off the phone with Torqeedo. The “motor gear” part number is correct as above: 030-00012 and costs $38.59 (plus shipping). It has to be ordered manually since it for an older motor and is not listed online. They had it in stock so I ordered one along with the gearbox to experiment. Their service guy said the other part “Motor Gear UL” is for their Ultra Light series and is different (that may or may not be correct).

Good news is, if this set-up works (which it is for Jeeza), it will save $200+ vs the custom Neugart gearbox, though some of that may be used to pay for larger, more expensive seals and bearings. Bad news it, using it will require modifications to the PM build files and also adds one coupling while eliminating another (though likely more problematic one). Also TBD if the gearbox is rugged enough at SSS motor level rpms over time.

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Don’t try follow the Pacific meister build with the torqeedo gear. Either design your own or follow mine. I can send through some designs if you want.

You won’t need any couplings. Rather take the SSS shaft down to 6mm to fit the pinion (be careful not to take too much off). Then you use a 10mm spacer to connect motor and gear.

My whole unit is apart at the moment so I can maybe do a video on assembly etc.


Thanks Jeeza. Yes that would be great if you are willing to share/post your CAD files and any related videos, etc.

Another question: Is your drive pod a sealed unit as in permanently glued shut or can you open it up in a non-destructive way?

I can completely disassemble it in a non-destructive way. I have actually been re-designing some components as I would prefer to use OP Seals instead of O-rings

I should add that it will be shorter than the PLE40 build too.

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I wonder if a build could be done using the stock Neugart PLE 40 gearbox shaft WITHOUT the added shaft extension and coupler. Certainly it would be an extremely tight fit. But possible? There might just be enough room for two shaft seals with a 5mm space between for grease and the prop would attach using the internal threads at the end of the shaft. Not sure how to handle the thrust bearing. Are we certain that is necessary?

If I read the datasheet correctly the PLE40 is good for around 200N of axial force, meaning around 20KG of propeller thrust. That is less thrust than you will likely need and have - on the other side people are running this thing over specs anyway (~25k RPM with max. rating of 18k) so you could also get away with this too. If you can easily afford a replacement if it doesn’t work out you can go ahead and risk it :smile: