Looking for advice

Hey folks - found this efoil for sale online, current owner claims it is 6 months old but he doesn’t know the brand/model… does any of you recognize the foil? brand? model? any recommendation? priced at USD 5k, how does it sound?

Can you post a pict of the motor pod, the remote control, the board hatch open ?

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Looks like a recent Hisun (chinese brand)


Your board, battery, remote and orange magnet safety leash set looks like this one, 4600usd + 650usd shipping. As you’ll see, it is a no name sale… If you don’t get a warranty for 5000usd, ask for 4000usd or buy the here-below brand new one…


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Hmmm Are you sure this is a legitimate sale?

Seems kinda odd that someone can’t remember those details about a multi thousand dollar purchase they made 6 months ago.


Thank you for all your comments, great community.
Have asked for more photos but can see from the comments that this is the Chinese no name eFoil…
Does anyone have experience with it? why is it better or worse than a Takuma for example? looking for my first efoil and any advice is welcome.

here are the photos…