Looking for best way to weld 18650

Hi guys!
I m looking for a best way to weld my two battery pack of Lginr18650hg2 . The idea is make two 6s12p battery pack without bms . For the charge i want to use a balance cable with a balance charger and for the discarge i want to put a lipo alarm into the both pack! Do you have some advice about spot welder pen or something else? Thank you!

I bought a malectrics arduino based welder for mine. For high power builds, it seems that copper+nickel sandwiching is a good way to go.
Recently I found an interesting one that used copper bus with resistor legs acting as per cell fusing.Basically tesla pack style building.

Lots of good battery building info over on endless-sphere. I’m still learning how to effectively navigate this forum.

I just bought a kweld kWeld – complete kit | keenlab

Wery happy with it.
I used a china sunkko before.

This is so much better than the china welders

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Hi X.omega
I have recently welded my pack using a supercheap 17 € welder from aliexpress https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005001774470934.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.274263c0f7jAK7
I worked very well, but if go for it you must change a couple of resistors before welding first time to protect the welder. I could provide you with instructions to do so.
This is the result:

I would also recommend you to use cell spacers like this:

Good luck !

and also nickel strip:
you can also find good quality nickel strip in nkon

Hope this help you !

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Thank you so much!! I have already bought it, I’m waiting for it to arrive! Nice battery pack!!!

ok, please let us know your results
regards !

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