Looking for box for MALA carbon inflatable

I can’t reach Vlastik from MALA, so I try it here.
I’m looking for a complete box for MALA board or stp-files. Hope anybody has already build a box for that board.


Following this thread. Have also tried to contact Vlastic to ask if it was possible to buy a Mala inflatable board but not succeded.

Yes he is unreachable… Seems he does not do this stuff anymore :roll_eyes:

Does anyone know What factory he was using in Europé to manufacture The boards?
I am thinking that if we are a couple of People we could organise a group buy of them in Europé.

would be cool idea…

To put it simply, you can’t do a group buy of the mala boards. Most factories outside of China will not give out someone else’s design without the permission of the designer.
If you can source a factory and design your own board, there are also initial prototype and tooling costs involved. Once the design works, then there are factory production run timings to consider. Sometimes you have to wait more than 6 months to do a production run (which will be the case now as most factories will be full because it’s summer).

Then on top of that for a group buy there are loads of shipping and customs issues to deal with.
Esk8 has tried this many times and what normally happens is a store will set up the group buys and take a small profit to cover the admin costs. But generally speaking, it’s never really worth it…

Ofcourse the designer need to agree (Vlastic) and he also should have some money for The design.
There was a reason why I wrote Europe in The group buy ( countries included in EU) so we only have The shipping cost.
And as you say, it Will not be possible for this summer, but for next year.
But for The moment we do not have any good alternativ for inflatable board, maybe if Mantas would Come down in price, but i doubt they Will do that.

What would you be prepared to pay for a complete inflatable?
The Manta is around ±1482 euro plus shipping (and maybe taxes).
I’d assume a decent spec’d carbon inflatable with carbon hatch unit at 1400euro (including shipping and taxes) would be a pretty fair price… The time you save in not needing to make hatches and instead spend riding would be well worth that…

Did you payed mir than 1400.-€ for a Manta Infkatable? :flushed::flushed::flushed:

No, never did I say that in anything I posted…

I asked heddan what he would be prepared or expect to pay for a carbon inflatable and carbon insert…

With shipping and tax it would land up in around 2000 euro for Manta.

1400 Euro with a complete inflatable with carbon hatch total sealed and that fits the battery pack and esc I personally would probably be able to pay.
But I personally would like to only buy the inflatable and do the box myself.
For a decent good quality inflatable I would say 600-800 Euro including tax and shipping

Whimsifoil, says that he will come with boxes for dyi community now around july.

Perhaps he still has some 2019 boards left. The S-size is larger than MALA, but i still find it to small at 165x70cm

This is what Pascal told me some time ago.

The Phoenix board will come out at 600€ (VAT included).
Box would probably cost around 1000€, possibly less if they remove the hatch on this version.
Also keep in mind. The box design is not waterproof, and every subsystem integrated in the box needs to be waterproofed.

Back to the roots…
Does anyone share files to build a MALA-box?

Looks like no one wants to… Would like to weld one as well from alloy, but have no clue where to get this board…

Write me a PN.
I printed with my Chiron in two parts the box and after I laminated it with CFK.

I can send you the STLs
But after the experience with my V1, some modifications are needed.

Example, a plate on the bottom that the Mala goes not out and and and….

I also (with advice from @nice2cu) have a MALA which I made the 6 piece box ( CR10S ) mortise / tenon assembled before applying 3 coats of carbon inside and out. I would be happy to share the STL at the end of the build after testing.


I’m looking forward to your test results. Did you build the battery pack yourself?

Yes the akkubox is printed in two parts before being glued and fitted with carbon fibre on the outside and fibreglass on the inside


Akku and electric boxes: two great and clean jobs !
Electric box:

  • how do you ensure the link (inserts) and water tightness between the electric box and the mast plate ?
  • which bottom thickness to bear this strain/load ?