Looking for Gong Wing Profile / Cross section

Hello, I am looking for someone who can determine the profile of a GONG foil (Veloce or similar), doesn’t really matter. This could be done by using a thicker wire, wrapped around the root chord of the wing and pulling in out in span wise direction afterwards without without deforming it. I would appreciate any scan or photo!

My plan is to use this cross section as a benchmark and proven concept for further wing developments using XFLR5 and Airfoil Tools.


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Never seen this information but, you can find the profile on the Gong site, seen from an angle in the “Techno” tab of each wing cross section.

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Eagle eyes! Didn’t see that but I think it is just a basic schematic as the two different foils have almost the same picture.

A 45°perspective introduces some errors but until you get a real footprint with the “cardboard and putty” method this is what you get by rotating these sections between the former Classic and Pro models, called Rise and Curve since 2020 if memory serves.

200615 Classic - Pro airfoil section

Thanks a lot! Will use these for the moment