Looking for maker available to build a custom project

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My problem: 65 year old, recently started wingfoil and have experieced the first flights. I live in Italy along the Adriatic coast and there are too few days with winds 12 knots and over. On the other hand 8 to 10 knots are substantially guaranteed for the entire season. A foil assist would be the ideal solution to my handicaps: not enough phisical strenght and endurance, low winds, foiling practice and ability to be improved.
The more interesting and mature foil assist solution is by far the Stoke one. However there are no performance data about it; I contacted them but received no answer at the moment. Difficult to buy in this situation. The other commercial solution present some major shortcomings that, possibly, I would try to overcome through my custom project.

  1. The remote. The ideal solution for my wingfoil use would be a thumb throttle capable of marine use, securely attached to the wing handle. The current remotes are handheld and index finger operated.
  2. The battery and electronic pack. Coming from MTB world the more practical solution would be put everything in a backpack or even in a fanny pack. Do you see any contraindications to this approach?
    The ideal case should be slim even if larger that the usual commercial or DIY solutions.
  3. Consequently the ideal electric cable should start from the low back and go directly to the engine. If it could be a coil it would represent a bingo, because, with a secure attachment, we could avoid the leash.

Current equipment: Infinity board, 118lt; Sab foil with pre Kracken mast, front foil 1100 span. 7m F-one wing.

Unfortunately I am not independent to carry out this project, for this reason I am looking forward for a maker that could carry it out for me. All expenses plus time would be obviosly compensated.


Have you tried one of the downwind kalama style boards, around 7’6 long and narrow. They make getting up on foil practical with a wing in much lower winds.


Which wing are you using?

This is not ideal as it means the cables become a heavy leash and need to be tethered to the leash.

I understand the desire to use some type of power assist to get foiling other than pumping a wing. It’s a lot of physical effort while learning and quite often you fall and have to start all over again.

The “need” lessens as you become more confident in your foiling and starting technique but you have to get there first. :grinning:

Carrying the weight of the battery, ESC and cable on your body rather than on the board doesn’t sound like a good idea to me The extra weight and drag of the bag while swimming created by that approach seems tiring and somewhat hazardous imo.

Using a powered cord as a leash might not end well either. A few micro amps will stop your heart - think what 40 amps would do! :flushed:

I started out with efoil thinking I could shorten my learning curve of wingfoiling and enjoy fully electric powered fun when the wind wasn’t right.

Turns out I have converted to foiling only with electric and now I use a NON foiling SUP and wing for the days I want to use a wing.

The idea that getting a more friendly foil rig mentioned above to learn winging on keeps it simple.

The wing is f-one Strike CWR 7m. Got the objection about the cable, it does not eliminate leash and add weight. Thank you for your contribution, Jezza

Thanks for your contribution and sharing your experiece, Foilguy, I understand that battery electronics on the back is not feasible.

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Just a thought but you might want to try a commercial efoil out. Fliteboard and Lift reps often have demo days where it’s free or sign up for a lesson. A good instructed will have you foiling on at least your knees in a few minutes. Standing is a little more challenging but being able to foil straight and level for a long distance with little effort is quite addicting.:sunglasses::grinning:

Fliteschool near you

The soft handles on the wing may make it a bit harder to attach a remote on them. If it had round bar style handles, then you could mod a remote with an ebike thumb throttle.