Looking for Multiple Remote for 1 antenna solution - Maytech? Other?

My Maytech remote is no longer able to switch modes, so I can’t see battery remaining…also I have to take it apart to recalibrate it… so a new remote seems inevitable.

This is for a tow boogie.

Ideally, I’d like to just buy a new remote, and not have to install its antenna - do remotes “pair” to existing antenna?

If they do, is it possible to have more than one remote paired at a time? I’m looking to share the tow with one or more other people during the same session. With one remote, either you throw the remote into the water as you let go the tow rope, and the next person paddles over to collect it and the tow boogie… or two or more remotes… the next person can just paddle over and use the 2nd remote while the first person rides the wave/paddles back out.


Interesting , since you can buy receiver for some remote I supposed the remote pair on the signal of the receiver, switching pairing at the the time on the 2 remotes is worth the try
You can also try running 2 receiver signal on one esc (?) still you will need to plug ( diy) the same on both receiver …

I suppose if I want to try and not have to replace the receiver… the next step is to just buy another Maytech remote… if it works it works… if not then I will have to open up the box and swap the receivers… I had seen the thread about Maytech and the extra waterproofing needed…and seemed like some other remotes are now on the market that might be a little better… that said the form factor of the Maytech is pretty ideal for just shoving it in the chest zip of a wetsuit…

Might be a bit overengineered but you could put 2 receivers in the board, pair them both wit the corresponding remote. Then just put an arduino with servo library between the receivers and the (V)ESC. With the arduino check the input signal and if the pwm signal is higher than 10 -15%, copy it to the output. Of course only one remote should be used at the same time.