Looking for partners in Ontario/Canada/ GTA

Hi All! I am looking for partners in the GTA area to design and build a few of these for our selves. I am an engineering with extensive experience working with carbon fiber and composites. What I bring to the table is: design and build of the board, electronic housing, wings. My ideal partner could help with the electronics, motor, esc, controllers, and batteries.
I have actually worked on my own efoiler already, but was not too successful. I bought a brushless outrunner and had a hard time with building a suitable waterproof case for it, so ended up with water damage. I’ve been doing research recently and think the best choice for the motor is the flipsky waterproof one, but again, this is the area that I struggle with the most.
I also come with a decently equipped workshop featuring a CNC.

If you are interested let me know!


Hi Zephyr,
Totally new here and I’m from Montreal. My goal is to build one during the winter and I have experience with RC big electric 12S setups, been making battery packs since 1999 but not as complex as the ones people use with 18650 batteries. I would be happy to take care of all the electronics part of things but I still have much to learn. My dad is a retired electrical engineer and very adept in the arduino/teensy world. I was planning on designing my own with a big boat hatch on top but I could be great to brainstorm at the very least and if we could potentially team up? Great idea, from my years in aerospace tooling, we always achieved better things brainstorming with a few others than on our own.

I discovered this forum last night and discovered efoils last week. From what I have learned so far, the 65151 120KV motor seems like the best option but people just started testing it

Thanks for the response! Certainly sounds like you fill in the right gaps, I’m interested in brainstorming and partnering with you. There is so much that can be done to make the board more efficient using arduino, so we should absolutely explore that.

I was going to build a board over the winter with a big hatch similar to the “wales build” (Lockdown Build - Wales - #2 by SoEFoil - Builds - FOIL.zone). I have a few ideas for wing designs, but buying is always an option too. I just enjoy the building aspect.

Very interesting build indeed.
Have you looked into the hydrofoil profiles from m-selig’s database?
The YS915 and YS930 seem very interesting to me as they might create enough lift and reduce drag from the trailing edge of the E817 foil
Looking forward to talk…Sent you a PM

Just re-visiting this thread. Have you @Zephyr @RC_guy proceeded? I am from GTA and am interested in building one. Thanks

RC_guy and I chatted but we didn’t proceed with any work together. But I t sounded like he had some great experience building batteries.

My build has stagnated due to time and space limitations. It is essentially complete, but I had issues with waterproofing and broke my esc.

I have a new esc and am hoping to get it in the water next spring. I am now more interested in Wing foiling, using the efoil as a boost for light air days. So I have less batteries and compressed everything into a waterproof electrical enclosure.

I live in the GTA now and am always interested in collaborating with others, particularly to do with the electronics.

I wingfoil as well, still learning and although have an 8m wing, it’s not as fun so was thinking of having a booster as well :slight_smile:
I did see your post where you mentioned that water got into the electronics. Sorry about that.
I live in Oakville. Where about do you live?

I am in downtown toronto. The booster for wing foiling seems like the way to go!
The hardest part of the efoil is the board. Making it from scratch is probably cheapest, but is time consuming and dusty. I moved away from buidling my own foils as I got a good deal on a used set. But I’d lilke to build some one day. I just need to find the time.

from my point of view, the way to go it is efoil, no need of a wing, you can go whatever you want. and no need to go side by side, you decide to go any place you want.

But any water sport it’s great, so go for it!!

I got the TakeOff kit. Should be arriving in few months so we will see.
@Zephyr and @Justito we should get together when mine arrives and compare notes

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