Looking for prop details

Hey there everyone, starting my build in 2020 with several breaks until today, the coming spring gives me new power. An inflatable board already in stock, I ordered a Flipsky 65161 120KV last week. To bridge the time until the Flipsky will arrive, I started last weekend milling my first prop out of alu7075.

It’s only a try to check out the perfomance of my machine.

Because of no experince in prop design, I’m looking for the best parameters for Flipsky/prop combination by estimated starting weight including rider of about 130Kg. I played already with wageningen, but no idea if choosen parameter are expedient.

Another problem is the foil. I would prefer GONG. But after reading several threads in this forum I’m confused about mast length and (front/back)wing size for a newbie with 105Kg.

Hope you can push me right.
Thanks for reading.



That prop looks quite good. 150mm diameter and 6-7” pitch should work for a 65161 (100 or 120kv). With 12S, a 6” pitch and 100 kv you should get to 38 km/h with 120kv slightly higher. Depends on the wing and total weight.

I had max of maybe 31 km/h with FR prop 6" on 12S and 100kv. For 120kv I could reach up to 38 km/h, there should be logs in my build.
I am around 95kg and board is 25kg. I use the smallest pro wing from gong now. I don’t know about the volume of my board, but I do need a couple of amps for start

Sorry, I mixed it up, thought it was faster with 100kv.

I would say go for a veloce L wing
Mast size 65cm for flat water (river) and then 80cm for open ocean.

What CNC do you have?

It is a portal milling cnc 3-axis with 1500x2000x300mm

Just ordered a 85cm V2 mast, fuselage and a veloce pro L size frontwing. Which backwing size is recommended for this setup?