Looking for VESC logs

Hey guys & gals, I am currently working on my own build but looking forward to create a project similar to metr.at - a website to visualise tracks from VESC without the need of extra hardware. I know VESC tool can do it and there’s a few other tools & apps that work with these log files. Since my build is not finished yet I don’t have any logs to play around with: could someone please send me log files from their trips? Any help is appreciated, thank you!

I tried to log vesc data with vesc app on iOS. But so far it did not really work. If you tell me how to log and see it afterwards, I can send you logs.


Try with this…

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I believe it is right on the front view of the VESC tool: enable RT Data Logging.
After cruising around, look at the folder “On My iPhone / VESC Tool / logs” via “Files” to get them.

First testing looks good already :slight_smile:

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