Looking to buy Lift eFoil

I know it’s mostly foil builders here but I’m looking to buy a used Lift eFoil, either 5’0 or 5’6.

I’m based in SoCal. Send me a message if you know of someone selling one.


Try the Facebook efoil groups. Posts for used Lift or Fliteboard come up regularly or your request might motivate sbdy to sell.

@SoEFoil can you post a link to some of the facebook groups?

Go back to Feb or March. Some rentals also sell their their one-year model.

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Your post here looks a bit old, but if you are still looking for a Lift eFoil, I’m sellinga 5’6" Cruiser that iI purchased new from Lift directly ~8 months ago …check it out here > https://www.ebay.com/itm/154659502389?hash=item24026cb935:g:atMAAOSweZ1hbsWW