Looking to buy ready to go Efoil bare Board

I am looking for a board to buy. All my propulsion system and electronics are ready but I prefer to avoid shaping my own board to save some time and avoiding the process. I would be happy to find someone to shape the board for me or sell one to me and obviously not for free lol. Please inbox me if you are interested and can deliver it to Bay area California thanks

You should contact Kai Concepts. I bet they can help you! :wink:

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Among the 20+ declared efoil brands: you could try these to see if they sell boards only

US: theultrafoil.com
Canada: veconcepts.com
China: Hisun China Efoil on alibaba - #13 by Lisa - Products - FOIL.zone


I have a flying rodeo board and it is awesome. The hatch is beautifully made and I have never had a drop of water in it. Cheers.

I totally agree about flying rodeo quality But they are so busy and he said he will not be able to sell a board at this time

The comparison on E-Surfer is showing currently 16 different e-foil models: https://e-surfer.com/en/electric-hydrofoil-comparison-e-foil-overview/

I am looking for bare board to use my own electronics and powertrain

This could help to an extent:

They will shape it for you

You will still have to come up with a lid but it takes the shaping out of your hands

They do efoil and kite boards not just surfboards
They will install a 6# foam insert for the foil to mount to

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Hi Charles,

We have cut efoil boards on our CNC machines but in order to get you pricing we need to know what materials you are looking at using as well as have a file to base the quote off of. Every file we cut is very different so it is hard to do an approximate quote unfortunately.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will get right back to you.


Coby Peterson

Sales/Business Development

Marko Foam Products, Inc.

2500 White Road Suite A

Irvine, CA 92614

(949) 903 2629


I have no affiliation. I have been looking for a bare board myself and am on the VE email waiting list.

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@climatemaster Climate


Is the contact email

Just sent you an email thanks.

I have been developing molds to create integrated hydrofoil systems with electronics and have the capability to manufacture this in 4-5 weeks. The process is cumbersome but I’ve worked through those details as I’ve developed my advanced hydrofoil system for over a year now. This is an ad- hoc response since my next development segment is the board.

Here is what I can offer:

  1. A reasonably sized mold to manufacture carbon fiber boards specifically designed for eFoil. This will manufacture boards that can be reinforced with kevlar, foam, more carbon or whatever the rider wants.
  2. Designed to spec based on your input.
  3. Integrated electronic connectivity and mounts.
  4. Seriously reinforced carbon fiber around mount plates and ancillary connection points.
  5. Custom graphics (to a degree) and laser ablated engraving for naming labeling.
  6. Quantity production if needed.
  7. 100% designed, inspired and manufactured in the USA.

If the size is comparable to the Lift or Flite boards I would charge $999 flat.



You have my attention!

Sent you an inbox I am interested please keep me posted

Man, none of these companies can even respond to an email. The first reliable company to sell only a board is going to kill it! I know FR does and he’s too slammed to meet demand. I can’t believe a company hasn’t stepped up yet.


yes I should have ordered from FR off season, Still I was not able to find a ready to use foil board for DIY project. Seems @CarbonOrca is not available and I didn’t hear back from him

What was the price without shipping costs ?

So true. A reliable company with a proven know-how already selling surf or sup boards direct for example… :thinking: That is a very nice market.
@VeFoil any news ? Could you remind us your price for board only with availability date ?

How much was the complete eFoil? Or did you only buy some components then build it yourself?

Vefoil is out it seems he is not responding to inquiries but actively selling prototype parts in the forum