Looking to hire a build

i live in thailand (from Hawaii) and have been following some of the builds and knowledge in this group. i am interested in buying 2-3 efoils complete and ship to thailand, not looking for brand name product. i have contracted for one foil already but is taking longer than anticipated so checking if any other experienced builders are interested. we can develop details
thanks Don

What does your budget look like for this adventure, because I can tell you from experience that if you want something that’s going to last more than a few sessions then you’re going to be throwing money at it.

I’m going thru the extremely long and costly process of getting my boar certified and ready for production, but it is an insane amount of work and money. My best advice would be to get someone locally that has the skills to build this for you, it’s not viable to ship cost-wise, and if something breaks you have the guy that built the board within shooting distance.

Have you connected with @Bufadore? Won’t be $6k USD but should be less than a new Lift


Hello Don, if you still interesting in eFoil, contact me https://www.instagram.com/artfoils.efoil/ or Telegram: Contact @artfoils