Low cost and easy waterproof connectors


A good idea for cheap connectors :
You can take pneumatic 10mm to 10mm fast connector and 10mm tube. (10€ for 5 connectors and 1m of tube)

You can sold copper plugs and glue it with epoxy in the 10 mm tube[Uploading:

… And it is done. Quick and easy to connect and disconnect


I just bought some of those quick connect tube fittings for a unrelated job I was working on. I bet your idea would work. Thanks.

Very nice ! It looks sleek and professional :ok_hand:
Do you think the metal parts can resist to salt water ?

Heuuu… I don’t know. It looks like Stainless steel… but maybe chinese Stainless steel. I will see in the water

What plugs did you use for this? 8mm bullitt won’t fit

Now thats the definition of ingenuity! :slight_smile:

You can find 10mm or 12mm pneumatic connector… it is perfect for 6mm or 8mm plugs for the power

i have the 10mm connectors. Its the metal connectors that dont fit what type are they?

The same connectors that we can find inside the box with the SSS500 motor


not sure putting a 4mm bullett connector on an 8AWG
cable is sensible

Here are 6mm 400A plug and female connectors. Should be OK for 10mm pneumatic connectors (not tested):

8mm bullet connectors, fit 13-8 gauge (4 / 5.5 / 6.5mm conectors same page) as seen here:

How did you connect the copper to the vinyl? Did you say you soldered them? (!)

I’m curious if anyone is still using this setup with the pneumatic quick connect, and if it worked out well? It certainly is a simple solution.

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