Low powered efoil

Hello efoil community

I want to build something like the foil drive assist from Australia, but yet it`s too expensive for me to buy it.
So I just need a motor that has enough power, maybe in combination with a few paddlestrokes, to get me on a big foil.

First idea I had: I take a trolling motor, maybe with 55lbs of thrust, put a smaller prop on it, and double ( or even more… ) the voltage ( to get higher rpm and max speed ). You think this could work? I only need the motor to get the foil flying, then I want to pump without motor.

Second possibility: I take a Flipsky 65111, did anyone try this product?

Third possibility: I wait, save some money and buy the foil drive assist from Australia;)

Kind regards

See here: Foil Drive Assist, DIY - #59 by Foil_A_Lot

There is a lot of information in the forum.