Lukas's Build - by Jezza

Placeholder awaiting pics. Board has been tested and works well.

Board: Airrush Monaro V4 (69.5 x 189.8cm)
Foil: Chinese Slingshot 68CM GAMMA CARBON WING
Motor: Flying Rodeo direct drive
ESC: Freefly ARC200 with a giant slab of aluminium for cooling.
Battery: DIY 12S12P (30Ah) with Samsung 25R cells.

Now for some pics…

The board is still needing so touch ups with paint, but other than that it is finished.


Hey Jezza, sounds like good setup…
where did you get this Chinese SS Gamma Carbon ? You have a link? easy to fly for beginners?

I got it from a company on Alibaba. However if I were to do it again I would go with Gongsup instead. Their quality is MUCH better and the price is very similar. FR also makes a mast mount for them too.

ok, you have a link for this gongsup you mean?