Lunacycle Battery Pack

Has anyone tried using a Lunacycle battery pack? It seems to have a pretty high energy storage for how much it costs. It’s also water resistant and it clips is which is nice.

Not sure it has enough “c”

30ah continuous discharge might not end enough, I would imagine an ebike motor to be under 1000watt

The research I did into 18650 Battery packs left me with a conclusion that I would need a 35Ah+ 48v pack with a 80-100A BMS. Any smaller and the life of the cells would be compromised. The Chinese supplier I was talking too was uncomfortable putting a 100A continuous BMS onto a 35Ah pack. I bailed anyway and went to Tattu LIPOs.

Hello, batteries must be LiPoFe type they are the only ones that resist more than 800 cycles (charge/discharge), the others Lithium standar will only let you do 150/200 and then the charge will not be full.

yes but you can get 1000 cycle at 90% on 18650 hg2 for exemple, depending on charge (not to low apparently) and discharge rate…

so the price of lipofe is not always justified

Ya the battery situation is tough, the Tatuu is wicked because of the huge power it can deliver and the fact that they are ready to buy, but two packs for 22Ah is $1000 with 100-200 charges then done. I’m working with three companies right now for various packs for ion and LifePo both much safer than Lipo. These ion and Lifepo packs can deliver 125 continuous, and 300a peak. not that we need that peak, but to get a higher continuous the higher peak just comes with design of build. Once you step up in to 150+A current the BMS price jumps, but still a 20Ah is $650, and 40Ah is $1250 and it will last a lifetime vs a couple seasons wit lipo, and they can take a beating where as lipo, if you prick a hole with something sharp by mistake bombs away!

Ill update as I get more details back, painfully slow process dealing with China and custom built packs, but we will finds a couple solutions we can all use soon.

this could be a battery you will all like.