Make the impossible possible : e-foil a 17 L board with a simple 6S DIY foildrive assist

After a first project quite efoil with 65161 and pelican suitcase, I embarked on a foil drive assist project thanks to the great inspirations of the DIY forum.
First tests on a gong hipe 5.5 110L, and a 6S 20A lipo, it works but you need the help of waves or wind to fly (67kg, big gong fluid xxlt front wing). Looking a bit at the FB page of the commercial foil drive assist, I saw crazy people using 15L boards, and I said to myself why not, and I pulled out my old kite foil board (125CM long, 16.9L ), and I managed to take off en efoil it with only one 6S lipo 20A, one simple fly color 150 A ESC, a simple 3D printed propeller, and it was a lot of fun water to learn to pump. (impossible on gong hipe 5.5 110L, too big and heavy).

Next test in the waves with this mini board for surfing waves with 17l below, it will be a lot more comfortable than with 110L.

I am building a second foil drive assist box in 2x4S 8A and flipsky mini 6.7 ESC in a lighter and smaller box.

I think I have found a simple and low cost way to make your DIY foil drive assist, without having to struggle to make your lithium ion battery.


u should try to make it as small as foil drive as ur on such a small board

At the moment bBigblue diving case p102 or p103 are very compact and perfect for our use. Available in diving shops in france

How do you solve the problem of loss of remote control signal in water start conditions?

Just stick the remote under water close to the Rx and it will work fine.

Unfortunately this does not work for my Maytech RC

Yes i am still not sure about best method for radio signal.
foilDrive states that the radio signal gets to the receiver through the fiberglass of the board,and the foam, rather than through the water.
I will try to put the antenna on the bottom of the box and test different postions…

Strange, I do it with my maytech all the time…

Maybe it’s my remote or receiver, I don’t know. I also find it quite uncomfortable to keep my hand with the remote control behind my back during the start. I thought about using wired control and even bought a gas pedal but haven’t installed it yet.

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Strange, with my 17 liters board, and box in front, flipsky VX3 receiver and remote, almost no signal loss, only small signal loss when diving too much the board (weight too much in front).

I start lying down on the board , with the board angled up, and the box is always a little above water, and my remote is in my hand really close from the box.

I ordered Vx3 and in a week I will be able to compare it with Maytech

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yes I had the same idea :wink: I’ve built a new small box, with 2 4S 8A in serie = 8S 8A, + an external heatsink. I hope to have enough energy for at least 10 waterstarts with the very small 17Liters board.
(I’m now very close to the commercial foil drive, for only 800 euros)

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A little video of my setup :17L board, 63100, lipo 6S 20A, ESC Flycolor 150A, foil Gong XXLT
(weight : 70kg)

How it compares?

That is a great idea!
To put a button on the front of the box behind you and push it with the leg when starting :grinning:

by 20A => you mean 20AH ?

Why did you do x2 4s instead of 8s, because of the charger available?

Is this big thing a fuse?

I didn’t find any particular difference with the Maytech in terms of range, but the screen was very dim and hard to read in the sun, so I stopped using it.

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Yes I mean 20AH, (turnigy 6S 20AH 12C)

Yes I already have a 2-6S double charger. and the place in the box was perfect for those lipos

Yes it’s a fuse, but taking a huge space, I have to replace it with a XT90S connector to prevent the spark

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