Makerbase VESC 75200 V2 which receiver?

Sorry i’m a bit confused, i bought Makerbase VESC 75200 V2 but i don’t understand if it is built in with a receiver or not? I want to connect it to my Maytech V3 remote control.
Also if i have to buy a receiver is there a tuto how to connect it to the Makerbase VESC 75200 V2 and also how to configure?

I have a bit searched but found nothing very clear.

Thanks frens

Hi, the maytech remote control should come with a receiver. Connect the maytech PWM connector to the vesc 75200 cable #2 which is labeled PPM . See more detailed instructions and diagrams here – In Stock Maytech Updated V3.0 IP68 Waterproof Remote MTSKR1905WF Contr – official website . For the rest of vesc 75200 configuration, you have to download VESC software onto a laptop and configure the 75200 via its usb-c cable.

Do a search on youtube “” and there are several good videos on cable/wires connnections and VESC configuration. Good luck with your project

thanks, so no matter the brand of the vESC? As specified above mine is “Makerbase” brand. Yes i have my hold receiver that came with my remote control. but i wasn’t sure if i need it or not.

Hi, I really need help, please, friends. I can’t find anything on YouTube, and you’re saying to plug my PWM to PPM wire, but the PPM brooch has 3 wires [GND, 5V, SERVO], so I don’t know which one to choose. For other wires, it seems understandable, but could you please confirm? Look at my pictures, I’m choosing the wiring with VESC (option 2) in my picture. Am I right to choose this wiring? Also, I am using my old receiver which came with a black square box (it looks like a relay, but I think it is not). How do I plug it? I really need help, friends. I’m a beginner and would like to repair my board. Something easy for you is hell for me. So many cables and only 5 to be used. Also, for the RX/TX, should I use it in section 4 (UART2) or 6 (COM)? Can I plug GND and 5V on any that has this reference, or should I use the 2(PPM)? Perhaps it is “servo” (in PPM) that goes to PWM?

The vesc will come with a cable that looks like this

Vou can directly plug it into the RX of the remote
In your case you will first have to remove the silicone and other wires
It is this part in your picture (or dou you have another new receiver as well?)

Like shown here, just align the connector correctly with the pins

Thanks for answer but i don’t have this kind of cable

What does the cable going out “servo” look like (connector on the top)


There are three male pins going to the servo. But in fact, all the pins are male, while I also need to connect to the male part of the receiver.

Ok, in the old times it came with the plug I sent
Then you will have to cut off this end and attach a “DuPont” connector or solder directly

Just solder the black to “GND”, red to 5V and white to “pwm_t”

ok understood and what to do with all of others cable look at my video , why there was so many cable before and now i only need 3?

Good question
You can connect wires for seeing the foil battery voltage on you remote for example, but that’s optional
For now you can start with the SRV connection only
When that works you can do next steps

ok really thanks , i will try to find connectors. Should/could i start to try to configure VESC with sofware and connecting it to my computer via USB?

You can start, but for the final step you need the receiver connected already

ok thanks for all, then i’m starting to soldering

I’ve checked out your video and I have a Flipsky 65161 120Kv motor. Can I set up all of my data like yours in the software? Or do you have any more advice or improvements for my setup?

You can follow the video pretty much, just adapt to your battery voltage and run the motor detection yourself, don’t copy these values.

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