Makeup work for the absence of Flipsky version 65161 on DIY market

Hi Guys,

We hobiba are taking measures against copy and faked 65161/65120/70165/85165 from Flipsky on the market, and there will be no flipsky version of 65161 available on the DIY market from now on.

Considering the interests and requests from some DIY clients of flipsky version 65161, we hobiba here make the last efforts to make some extra bulk / replacements detailed as below:

  1. D65L161-A-100KV, screw shaft, 1.3m cable: 10 Units
  2. D65L161-A-120KV, screw shaft, 1.3m cable: 10 Units
  3. D65L161-C-100KV, Splined shaft,1.3m cable: 10 Units
  4. D65L161-C-120KV, Splined shaft,1.3m cable: 10 Units
  5. D65L121-A-130KV, screw shaft, 1.3m cable: 10 Units
  6. D65L121-A-130KV, screw shaft, 1.3m cable: 10 Units
  7. D70L165-10P 120KV, Splined shaft,1.3m cable: 10 Units
  8. D70L165-10P 120KV, Scew shaft,1.3m cable: 10 Units
  9. D85L165CWP-125KV, with encoder/hall sensor: 10 Units

Anyone who are in need of these flipsky version models, please write me at
Definition of flipsky version

We assume the flipsky version as the last shipment we produced before Jun 2022.
Any version after Jun 2022, probably are faked / copied version, which we hobiba take not responsibility to offer any replacement.

Above for users attention of Flipsky version 65161 /65120 /70165/85165

Hobiba on Nov 13,2023

I don’t understand your post completely?

It seems you will not be producing the 65161 motor for flipsky any longer but i see it’s still on the Flipsky homepage, i guess their motor will be from a different manufacturer in the future. That’s a shame, but i can understand your actions if there was a disagreement.

Will you sell a Hobiba 65161 motor to the diy community, i think you posted that here in a previous post?

Do you have a patent on the 65161?

@Larsb Good question, for DIY market, you may move to Maytech for help: Maytech Fully Waterproof Efoil Motor MTI65162 120 Brushless Inrunner Motor, website link as below

Kind notice: when you go to Maytech, its not right to say “I want to buy Hobiba 65161”, and Hobiba, as the manufacturer, focus on B2B business, and has no intention to have direct contact with end users, especially motor products alone.

A different manufacturer also for a different product, Flipsky and his partner factory will have to start from scratch: lots of remolding investment, many tests, and market recognition,and so on, could be a long way, not a bad thing for DIY market, lets wait and see what different products coming from them.

Problem is, i’d rather not buy from Maytech due to their poor customer service and other shady practices.

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Yes flipsky ordering and delivery has been excellent. Also had good support via email. I hope they can continue to support the DIY group here with their version 65161.

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@Hailin There is no doubt you are the original manufacturer of the 65161 and other variant that have been offered by Maytech, Flipsky, Reacher and others since day one.
It is a shame you have been victim of reverse engineering by one of your client but this practice isn’t new and only proves your motor is excellent.

However the way you communicate on this forum is very clumsy:
-You started a post saying you would offer batch of 10pcs replacement then few post after you state you are only selling BtoB… this is really confusing. Make your mind…
-You explained the issue with Flipsky in a post. Stop hijacking every other post mentioning Flipsky motor with copy and past it is boring.

Flipsky has been dealing with BtoC for years, they have a good reputation among DIYers. You are not setup for BtoC and practically unknown to the community except a few of us. Prehaps focus on what you know BtoB. If I’m correct you are not only supplying Maytech, there is a few other BtoC companies selling your motor isn’t it? Maybe give us a list to offer people alternatives.

What about designing an even better motor that would make the now few years old 65161 obsolete. That seems to me the best way forward against copy. Always keep one step ahead. I’m sure Hobiba has the knowledge and resources for that. If you make a motor that is more efficient, for similar power. More compact with similar performance ect for a similar price then in no time it will become the new reference.


I checked with Flipsky and was informed that they intend to keep selling the 65161 motor.

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yes, we Hobiba have patents about motor making.

yes, get famous by selling originally-made motors for years,all of a sudden a copied version appear that you can expect same or better performance as the original.

Just a reminder here, Hobiba/Quanly should not be blamed for any quality issue arising from these copied version (2023 made 65161)

yes, you can enjoy it, I do not mind

Another confusing reply.

The important part of your reply is you state “I do not mind”. If you don’t mind then why all of these posts that certainly imply that you do mind??

Several times it had been suggested that this forum is NOT the place to air your grievance against Flipsky, yet you continue and do it in a manner that degrades your reputation. Please stop.


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