Making your a foil your self

hai guys i am new her,

first of all englis is not my native language so excuse my spelling mistakes :wink:

i really love the site, i am new her butt i have been looking on the forum for the last few days
and i cant find a answor to my question.

i want to build a efoil this winter i want to make all the parts my self iincluding the foil.

but i dont no what profile i need to use, naca or others,

my plan for now is is to design the foil in soldworks. split the foil in to different ribs with a guide ribe along the width, cnc those ribes Assembling them so the make the profile. then foam the empty spaces then sand the foam back to match the profile and then laminate it with carbon fiber.

so who can help me along 2 find some good foil profiles, some low speed ones for max foil time and some fast ones for max fun.

I’ve seen on her a guy built a mast and wings with a 3d printer and I think he released his files but I haven’t been able to find it if I find it again I’ll tag you in his post. And this forum is probably the best forum I’ve ever been apart of. No shit talking no bashing very helpful. I’m in the process of building mine right now and if you decide to build one with pacificmeister files he’s very helpful and gives good feed back.

yeah i 3d printed mine, check out grab cad for solidworks files. there are a few good files there.

Nice i don’t have a 3d printer so i think i nees to make some modifications.

What’s the name of the file on grapcat? I did a quick search and could not find it. But i am at work now so i can’t spend too much time searching for it :sweat_smile: