Mast cavitation on film

I could see i had a huge cavitation going on while foiling, especially at higher speed so i tried filming it with my 360 cam. Interestingly enough it comes from the old cable inlet which i’ve just taped over to cover it (a few layers though).

Clearly there’s a low pressure area created on this small irregularity - i never thought it could give this large effect!

Time to fix properly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Interesting video, must have been challenging to foil and shoot at same time. I’d have face planted for sure :grinning:

All of that from a small hole that’s sealed! Do you think the tape bulges out or sucks in to create the irregularity? Perhaps doesn’t make any difference which.

Makes me wonder what a duct, nosecone etc if it wasn’t perfect would create.

How fast were you going when you did video?

I don’t know but not super fast, 25-30kph is what i’d assume.

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How large is the inlet? I assume the tape is getting pressed in under pressure and then creates the cavitation.
What made you move the motor higher up?

I run a flite motor setup nowadays so the motor is at the wing.