Mast/foil position

I’m in the process of assembling the mast, there are two possible configurations of the mast position. There is 15cm between the two options. See pictures. Which one is bether? If the wing is more in front, the rear does not stick out that far over the end of the board, but the uplift might be to far in the front.
In the last pictute the board and the possible mast position.


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Normally, the mast further back makes a more playful foil (easy to turn). Conversely, a mast further forward is more stable in trajectory and (a bit) more difficult to turn. You don’t take any chance if you mount it forward. When you gain confidence you might appreciate the middle position. The best thing is to try and adjust it to your likings.

Hey, which foil is this? Haven’t seen it before!

It’s a Chinese one: Chinese hydrofoil for efoil? - #11 by Jezza - Foils & Boards -
Nr 3 Windsurfing Hydrofoil. I haven’t tested it but it is rather heavy with its 5kg (and heavy duty as well). I bought it in April 18, I think there are better options now like this one from RLKite. Carbon wings optimized profile for e-foils now available - Foils & Boards -

It’s a Chinese non branded slingshot gamma 68 wing. The gellcoat will most likely chip off in time but they can handle some abuse! It’s actually a pretty decent all round foil wing.

good to know, I hope I can try it next spring/summer

I have same question about mast position: foil mount recommendations i found were related to board length, i guess this doesn’t matters as much for efoils.

Riding my 180cm efoil i still need to push down a lot on the front to counter the motor torquing and water drag on the bord at starts and before lifting. This is with foil placed 300mm from the rear.

I’m in progress of building a second shorter board now which will have a fixed foil position

I’m thinking about going to 200mm for the mast center from the rear to keep batteries close to the mast and between my feet. Board is then 150cm/5ft, mast is 65cm

What do you guys think and what mast position do you ride at?

From my experience the space behind the mast only serves to increase the volume of the board. You will always stand on top or in front of the mast with your rear foot.

If it’s like that then i wonder why many here are using the sliding t-nut foil mount style?

I’d think a fixed deep mount into the board would be lighter and cheaper, this is what i’m planning

People are using these because they are available on a hard foam plate that can be glassed in. As you need to have a hole for the cables to enter the board, you cant’t move the mast anyway, so fixed nuts are an option, or even a turtle box. There are many ways to mount the mast.

Hey @Clarin, how is it going with your KFbox ? Did this solution hold in time with just one screw to attach the mast to the board ?
1710 drilled Tutle

Works perfect! last year I had a crash and the top of the mast broke and the box had nothing.
I have molded a new one for my new board!
The board is now hollow and have two differents mounting option, fours screws for the plate and one for the box


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Thumbs up! That’s what i’ll do also :grinning:
Clean, strong and light!

That’s a nice alternative to the 4 screw plate. The KFbox rules. Originally from Ketos and later adopted by AlpineFoil, Gong, and many others ! It’s nice you’re skilled enough to make your own box out of vacuumed carbon. Ketos make them and they have a price : KFBox KF Box - KETOS FOIL- 3G Composite