Mast position on a new build

I am converting a 180cm old kite race board to efoil. Its nice large flat almost 1/2 the board. It will be getting a core kite setup with the big 1250cm2 wing.

What do you already efoil crew suggest for the mast position in relation to the rear of the board? I read here on the forum roughly 20% of the overall length. That seems quite long in the case of my 180cm board.

I appreciate any comments before I commit to the router :wink:


Around 20 cm from the back, so you can cut the board in the front if you figure out it‘s too long.
It also depends where you ride, further to the front if you ride on waves, closer to the rear side for flat water.

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Thanks. 20cm from the TE of the mast or its center?

From the trailing edge.

Thankyou! Time to get busy.

20 cm ie a hand width will look quite short from an overall perspective. The Foilmount guide says :

5’ -5’9" : 8" - 12" from rear of board to rear edge of FoilMount

That’s 30 cm for a 5"9 so 20% to the mast trailing edge.

It‘s a matter of personal preference and for a long board it is not that important. If you have a short board you have to make sure you can step far enough foreward to keep the board down. To launch I lean forward and it is easier to hold up on the board if you don‘t have to lean over the front of the board.


Does anyone know the measurement on the lift efoils?

I built short board and had to put mast all the way back sice there is no place to stay if you put it more forward. It is a little harder to start but you get used to.
I’m talking about under 120cm long board

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I have a 120cm board, and I just recently moved the mast back 30mm from it’s previous position. I agree that with a short board, go as far back as what’s reasonable considering the board shape. I made a small epoxy riser in the board in order to move the mast like this.