Mastbrace anyone?

Last year I’ve only ridden Axis19 masts, since they are easy to get and seemed to be the most robust choice for a heavy rider.
In total I have 3 of them 75cm. But I almost always bend them after each session. They are easy to bend back, but after 3x repetitions fatigue occurs. Also when bending >10* it’s really not that nice as the compressed side of the mast deforms.
The bending occurs during normal riding when making aggresive turns at abit higher speed, usually 35kmh where there is some nice G-force :slight_smile: and also my 100kgs does not help.

So reason for posting is to ask if there is a better option than Axis19 around? I’ve only used Gong and RL mast in the past and they were quite alot weaker.
Anybody who have done internal strenghtening of the upper part?

I will not go back to riding less than 75cm!

Since the top 15cm of the mast is very seldom in contact with water, I will make simple Braces if no one has better ideas…

You could build your own mast from CFK and make it extra strong around the mast plate. CFK should absorb some force and flex. Worse than aluminium in case it breaks.

Maybe Use your mast but wrap them with carbon all the length ?

Bend a gong , never bent my takuma , 105kg wet at the time , but 65cm

I want to see a video of these turns to see the mast bending and flexing.
Are you sure the bend is not happening with a fall where you might be hitting the edge of the board and creating a much larger amount of force on the mast?

I fall when it bends, but ive never hit the board.
Could film it of courseon water, but its easier just tighening the bottom to a big steelplate and see how off center i need to stand before it bends statically.
I need 500N approx at then end, when i bend back to correct the mast with about 700mm to bending point. Considering me and top with 100kg, it means i need to be 350mm off center with my gravity to bend when riding.
Im not in really, but this happens dynamically when i theow board from left turn into right turn.
Will do braces or weld on to make the mast 23mm on top. Carbon on top does not add much other than corrosion. Record of falling point below. Boards was unrideable after this >15* bend.

I’d epoxy in a steel rod, as large as it can get in the free channel. If you think it weighs too much, make it one or two thick walled tubes that fit. That’ll get this sorted.

(Mix epoxy with some fillers to make a cheap glue.)