Matte finish faster then gloss

Hello guys.
I have read that having matte dinish on the bottom of surfboard or eaven on foil can improve speed. (drag in water).
also i have found some info on tis forum.
Anyone have tryed to sand bottom, or wings?

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I have never done this, but I heard that professionals do it. You can feel the result at a high level. The increase in speed is very small, but in some cases the better wettability of the wing as a result of grinding prevents the stall.

After little inverstigation i decided to sand boootm of my board with 600grit sand paper.
I can confirm thi is true, i can feal difference in planing speed.

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I remember it was forbidden in unified sailing class 420 to sand the hull underwater. The portugese used to draw the boats onto the beach causing abrasion and were the fastet in the class. The drawback is when you have tar, crude oil in the water. If something oily sticky hits your boat you are lost without a glossy surface, even with a glossy one it took days of work to remove it completely.