Max and average amperage consumption on your boards?

I was planning on using E50 batteries to make a 14S 6P battery for use with a flipsky 65151 100KV and JVDZ prop. These cells are a bit low on the continuous and max amps recommended. Would give 60amps continuous and 88 max. My current board does not have a VESC so I don’t know what the amp draw that it produces. What is the average and max amperage draw that your boards are producing?

l haw set the limmet to dis

on my vesc

with a fliteboard propeller.

Max amps

100a from the battery
200a motor (limit set to 200)
It actually can pull 6000W to my surprise.

Cruise amps is 25- 35a

Setup is 16s14p 30Q cells
Flipsky 65161 120kv 6000w
152mm Fr prop 6-7 pitch I can’t remember.
Cloud 9 X32 wing

60Amps continuous should be fine, 88A max could be tight depending on your setup.
I have a relatively efficient setup and typically pull 70-80A on startup and 25-35A during cruise. (FS 65161, Hyperdrive Prop, Gong veloce LT, 120kg All up)
So overall you should be fine if you avoid unnecessary drag and start quickly… :upside_down_face:

My battery is limited to about 100A max, and ideally under 35A continuous, 14S. Many people here in the forum seem disagree with my spec… However, low amp rating high capacity cells can give excellent run time, better than high amp cells.

My continuous battery current when foiling is about 17.5-22.5A, peak about 60-75A during takeoff. Gong Curve MT, FS65161 120kv, FR 6" prop. About 90kg all up weight.

And what is your speed? I guess around 20km/h

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Yeah something like that. Not more than 25km/h. I don’t really have concrete data on speed, because iLogger doesn’t support GPS speed yet. Or at least it didn’t at the end of 2022 season.