Maytech 1905WF V2 AND 20WF V2 on the same board?

Hi Guys,
I already have the Maytech 1905WF V2 and I am thinking of getting the 20WF V2 because of the power mode, that I need for my son who is 10 years old.
Do they use the same receiver or I would have to come up with a system to switch receivers without disconnecting them?
Will there be any “mix-up” in the vesc setup?

Same reciever. Only one remote can be paired at one time, but pairing these is very easy.
You can choose in remote meny if you want to display vesc data or just voltage for instance.

Just go ahead :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mattias, I ordered it.
For anyone interested I found it for 65.90 usd!