Maytech 40% OFF Fully Waterproof Efoil Kits MTI65162 Motor+300A ESC+1905WF Remote

To celebrate our National Day and to thanks for all efoil forum customers’ supports to us, here comes 40% OFF Promotion of Fully Waterproof Efoil Kit with MTI65162 Motor + MTSKR1905WF New Version Remote + MTSF300A ESC + Progcard + Free Propeller (100/120KV), 40% OFF just for efoil forum customers.

Check specs in the following link:

Please feel free to contact me if you need more specs.

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Hi. I just placed an order for this a few days ago with Eileen after she suggested I get the order in before the holiday. I also just messaged her yesterday asking about a propeller and she said this was unavailable and still in development. I’d imagine something can be done so that this deal can be applied to my unshipped/new order.

Ain’t no development on any prop for Maytech. They just putting a below average boat prop on the drive. Just a bad idea!


Even if this is @virus kit, this kit is too expensive.

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You could buy the flipsky 65161 for $379
The flipsky seal 300a esc for $279
The maytech remote for $249 and a $10 prop.
I’m pretty sure that adds up a lot less than $1199.
And that’s without a discount.


Hi wouldn’t bother with Maytech they are not even honoring warranty on their product. They have a faulty remote design (water leak, lipo overheating) but they ask customer to pay for repair or replacement.
Purchase from Flipsky as Michion suggested they have a way better customer service.


Reaher Tech is also a good company to deal with. They can offer a 80KV if needed.


Maytech Fully Waterproof 300A ESC with Waterproof Case and Water-coiling
Internal receiver adn UBEC

This looks like the ZTW seal 300A just in a waterproof case with the receiver… The programming card is identical.

Maytech MTI65162 100/120/140/190/195KV Brushless Inrunner Motor Fully Waterproof

Maytech Upgraded MTSKR1905WF Waterproof Remote with 2 Layers Nanometers Coating
6 Functions Upgraded

Are there any discount on the remote?

I asked for a quote for the updated version and she told me 230$US plus shipping!

Which conditions do you have to fulfil to get this 230USD price ?

Did anyone considered this remote ?

It would still need to be waterproofed tough

I mentioned I was from and that I’m looking to get a maytech remote. I also said that I’m open to make a review but she didn’t mention that I had to give a review when she gave me the quote for 230$US + shipping. I reached out through Alibaba.

I recently did however it seems like the speed is calculated with the wheel diameter and rpm of an electric skateboard and not from a GPS so the speed function wouldn’t work for an efoil. At this point, the vx1 remote is a better option and does have cruise control, but it needs waterproofing.

You are indeed right, just checked following video :

They are indeed entering wheel type & diameter for speed calculation. Was too good to be true :sob:

I know! I also got excited when I initially saw it… That’s a bummer but the more I think about… The more I think it would be ideal for me or for anyone with a smart BMS to mount their phone on their remote. That way you can access all your battery data via Bluetooth and you can also see your speed etc. If you don’t want to mount it on the remote itself, you can always use a waterproof armband and strap it on your forearm so it is easy to read! I’m definitely going that direction personally. Plus, if your efoil breaks down far from your starting point… You can always call someone for help. So yeah it might not be an elegant all integrated solution but it is definitely a practical one!